Style & Decor

Using the ability to combine our customers wishes with creativity to acquire a unique ambience, heARTistry Interior Consulting has two major focus areas, namely: heART@Work and heART@Home.


A play on words for ‘hard at work’. The focus is around supplying suitable artworks to fit any workplace.  Wether corporate or a more intimate workplace, heART@Work can assist to put a creative touch to any dull space . It generally is large art, usually modern, and is often made up of several pieces that fall within the same look or theme.


Ever bought an art piece that looked great in a gallery, but does not fit in your home? Our focus is around sourcing art for your home that works, or getting your home to work with the art you selected.  Dedication to providing a professional consultation and artworks that will fit your home and budget, is our priority.

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